How to avoid burning coils

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When dealing with an e-cigarette, it’s quite easy to find yourself burning out coils. You might think that you are using the hardware correctly and that it must be faulty. Or, you’ll blame the coil. Well, not always the case…




While the coil could be at fault and you might be using a poor standard of your e-cigarette, it’s not always the case. Many times, the coil can be preserved and kept in much better conditioning with a few simple alterations in e-cig usage.

How do you know if your coil is burnt out?



You’ll know when the coil is burnt out when you get that rich, rancid waft of evil flaring up your nostrils. That taste that hits the back of the throat is one that you won’t forget for a long time. Like the first time you tried straight spirits, the taste lingers for a long time to come.
That horrifying waft of burnt death that is a burnt coil/wick is very common for e-cig users. Thankfully, with some of the ideas that we are going to give you below, things like burnt-out tastes will become a thing of the past.
With a few smart changes, you’ll stop wondering why every e-liquid you try out tastes like dead batteries! Here are our 8 quick tips to stop your coil from burning.


Avoiding Burning Out Your Coil



First off, make sure that you take good care of the coils and prime them accordingly. If you have installed a new coil, which you will be using for the first time, it has to go from being completely dry to thoroughly wet. You can take a few drops of the e-juice that you are going to be using, and drop a few little drops (around 5 to 8 should be enough) onto the exposed wick at the main ports. Ensure that you can see a slight glistening of e-juice, and that should be enough to keep it nice and primed. Then fill up your clearomizer and leave it for a half hour. It sounds like a long time, but that will help to soak the wick. This is all about manually soaking the wick. Take your time. Alternatively, you could take a few puffs on your e-cig without pressing the fire button that will work as well.


Not all coils and wicks are the same. Wicks are made from different materials so if you are experiencing burnt hits, you might just need to give your coils more time to wick up. How to do it? Just stop chasing the clouds for a few minutes, and this will allow your wick to get soaked again. And the same story again, you could take a few puffs on your e-cig without pressing the fire button that will work as well.


If you are using MOD, then you might drop the power settings as it can help a little, too. The wick might struggle to soak up the juice at the pace and temperature that you are going at. This naturally makes it hard for the coils to keep up and creates a challenging problem. The higher the temperature, the sooner it goes through what you have. Instead, give it time to build up again after puffs. A small break will allow it to build back up a bit, and make sure that your coils can keep on going without burning out and becoming wasted.


What’s the weather like?  The weather can actually have an impact on your vaping. If it is too cold, the e-liquid inside the tank can thicken and will not wick as it should. A freezing day can make PG thick like a high VG e-liquid. This can lead to dry and burnt hits.


If you want to make it a bit safer too, reduce the use of VG and instead use some more PG. PG is thinner and thus is going to soak in easier, which can reduce the chances of some of the above problems above. Anything over 70% VG is too much at times, so try and aim for a more balanced 50/50 mix if you can. Don’t you know the difference between PG and VG? Find it out here.


Some e-liquids contain sweeteners, which is absolutely delicious, but those sugars can caramelise and mess up your coil. You’ll often find this reduces gunk around the coil, meaning that it’s less likely to cause you too many issues with gunk. Well, who can resist e-liquids like apple pie cake or cappuccino? We can’t! Just reduce your use of sweetener, too, when using this kind of stuff.


If the amount of e-juice in your atomizer is too low, it might not be able to soak into your coil. On many coil heads, the liquid has to be at a certain level to even reach the wicks. The solution for it is quite easy, just try to keep your tank topped up all the time but not over the maximum limit.


How old is your coil? With my own experience, a coil will usually last somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks. If you want to enjoy your vaping, make sure you replace your burnt coil with a new one. Imagine you were spending hundreds of euro for a pack of cigarettes a month, right? And now do you think it’s expensive to buy a new one every two weeks for around 3 euro? Not worth it at all, as you might end up smoking real cigarettes again and blaming e-cigarettes for its taste or performance.




It’s all about making sure you try and balance out, or moderate usage, temperature and the balance of what you put into the vape that you use. Given time, you can usually get the right kind of balance. Just be ready to do some experimenting, and you should be able to find a balance you are happy with before long.



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