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New 50ml shortfill e-liquids Aramax


Ritchy is a well-known vape company, and its vaping journey is one that’s going from strength to strength. They have succeeded with both vaping hardware merchandise such as Aramax Power e-cigarette as well as its 10ml e-liquid range Liqua and Aramax or the 50ml shortfills Liqua Mix&Go. Liqua is well known and frequently sought after around the world. Can Ritchy’s new 50ml shortfill e-liquid range Aramax achieve the same popularity?



About Ritchy

Ritchy is a technology company which designs, develops and sells electronic cigarettes and e-liquid products under the brand LIQUA and ARAMAX. It became a brainchild of two men Andrey Subbotin and Max Kosenko in 2009. These two smokers decided to explore the idea of vaping and turn it into the business. Their bold and innovative ideas have resulted in turning Ritchy into a global success. Their products are filling shelves in over 85 countries worldwide, and the company presently employs over 200 people. Amongst their products, we find Liqua e-liquid range, which is very special to our hearts. Liqua Strawberry Yogurt or American Blend is the very e-juice we used when we started vaping, and to this day, we still enjoy Liqua range daily.


50ml Bottles of Aramax Shortfill e-liquid

Aramax Shortfills

Aramax shortfill is its latest range, and it claims to be wallet-friendly without compromise on flavour and quality. Did they achieve that? We believe they have. Let us introduce you to its 50ml shortfills. Aramax e-liquids come in a 10ml e-liquid bottle with 50/50 PG/VG ratio with up to 18mg of nicotine strength. 10ml Aramax e-liquids are perfect for mouth to lung vape enthusiasts, or someone who is using starter kit such as Aramax vaping pen or Aspire PockeX. Mouth to lung (MTL) style of vaping and the ratio 50/50 mimics the way you will smoke a cigarette the closest.

Five of the 10ml Aramax e-liquids have been made into a 50ml shortfills: Berry Mint, Lemon Pie, Max Blueberry, Strawberry Kiwi and Virginia Tobacco. The shortfills consist of 75% VG and 25% PG with 0 nicotine, making it most suitable for the sub-ohm style of vaping. It is presented in a handy and practical 60ml bottle with 50ml e-liquid leaving enough space for 10ml of 18mg nic shot which allows you to create 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Aramax - Berry Mint 60ml Shortfill E-liquid



Sweet and fresh essence of berries is
mixed perfectly with cool minty aroma.
Relax and let this vape freshen up your day!




Aramax Lemon Pie 60ml Shortfill E-liquid



Reward yourself with this lemon pie on
a cosy afternoon. Lemon and meringue gently
uplift, while the creamy and silky aroma
finish the perfect holiday illusion.




Aramax Max Berry 50ml Shorftill e-liquid bottle



Lift your spirits with ripe blueberries
freshly harvested from the field in summer.





Aramax-Strawberry Kiwi 60ml Shortfill E-liquid



This bespoke blend is rich with juicy
red strawberry and an extra touch of green kiwi.
Vape and let this beautiful blend
leave you feeling flawless.




Aramax - Virginia Tobacco 60ml Shortfill E-liquid



A distinctive rich Virginia tobacco note
perfectly blended with a nutty
and mild sweet aroma. It is designed for
true Virginia lovers.


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We have personally tried three of these shortfills and one of them was our favourite and here is what we think. Strawberry and Kiwi shortfill is simple and gorgeous. Aramax Strawberry Kiwi e-liquid is a beautiful blend of rich and flavourful strawberries accompanied by a hint of kiwi. The kiwi is just enough to notice on your pallet without overpowering the strawberry. These two flavours combined set the perfect fruity e-juice, and it’s really nice.

All in all, would we recommend Aramax shortfills? Let me start by saying we have started vaping to save our health as well as to save our money. I also acquired a taste for some more popular and known e-liquids out there – 12 monkeys, Nasty Juice, T-juice and Liqua being just a few of them. Truth be told Aramax line doesn’t precisely measure to some of its counterparts in terms of flavours, but they are still very steady, fresh and very budget friendly. The flavours aren’t overpowering and that’s exactly why Aramax e-liquid is perfect as all day vapes. They are not boring, we like them, and we will definitely add one or two of  Aramax shortfill to our rotation. New Aramax shortfills are worth trying out.






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