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The story of Barista Brew Co. began in the sunny part of America in California. A group of people, passionate about vaping, teamed up to develop a premium e-liquid range, which will bring together class, popularity and highest of standard. As a result, Barista Brew Co. was born. Inspired by coffee culture, their line offers the best coffee e-juice as well as fruity and baked treat flavours. If you like fruity vape juice, you should consider trying Strawberry Watermelon Refresher or its Frozen adaption with a hint of crushed ice cubes. Are you a real coffee lover? Then Salted Caramel Macchiato will be the best coffee e-juice you can fill up your e-cigarette with. In other words, it doesn't matter which vape juice you pick, each Barista Brew e-liquid offers something for everyone and will help you to get through the whole day.

Barista Brew Co. e-juices are perfect for sub-ohm tanks as they are made in high VG 70% blends. Do you still want more? 60ml Chubby Gorilla vape juice bottle Barista Brew comes with a Limited edition reusable thermal coffee cup. And as always at VapeApe, you will get a free nicotine shot with each 60ml vape juice bottle. Barista Brew Co. is definitely at the top of the vaping game with its unique and tasty best coffee vape juices.

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