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Dead Rabbit Society E-liquid is a Malaysian inspired vape juice range with attractive packaging and amazing flavours, which taste fantastic. These e-juices are quickly gaining more and more popularity amongst the vape community not only in Ireland but also around the world.

DRS comes in three editions, with each one having a different flavour profile. White, Black and Freestyle. DRS White Edition is known for its New York Cheesecake or Creme Brulée. Yes, it's definitely something to consider trying, if you are into dessert flavours. DRS Black Edition has fruity flavours with a hint of crushed ice. Overall, DRS Red stands out among the other strawberry e-liquids with its ripe and fresh taste, and it's one of the best fruity e-liquid. The Freestyle is the latest e-juice range represents unique fruity blends with a touch of coolness. No matter what tickles your fancy, Dead Rabbit Society e-juices are worth a try. DRS is delivering the highest quality vape juices for your complete satisfaction with no gimmicks.

Dead Rabbit Society shortfills are available in a 25ml or 120ml e-juice bottles containing 0 nicotine. You will get a free nicotine shot with every 25ml bottle. For a 120ml e-liquid bottle, you will receive two free nicotine boosters. In both cases, you will have enough nic shots to create 3mg nicotine strength e-juice for a fantastic price. DRS is excellent e-juice with unbeatable flavours for all-day vaping. DRS Black, White and Freestyle Edition consist of 70/30 VG/PG ratio, making it most suitable for the sub-ohm tanks and DL style of vaping. Get your Dead Rabbit Society e-juice today at Vapeape!

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