Aspire Spryte POD AIO starter kit


The Spryte by Aspire is an all-in-one (AIO) POD vaping system with a compact, slim and stylish design, and it comes in 5 stylish colours. Spryte has an integrated 650mAh battery and uses well known BVC coils. POD Spryte is very easy to use thanks to the one-button operation. It is a perfect vaping device for a mouth to lung vapers (MTL). Overall, this e-cigarette is super easy to use and also enjoyable.

Dimensions108 x 26 x 26mm
Battery650mAh, Built-in
Tank Size2 ml, Replacement POD
ChargingMicro USB port (5V / 0.5A)
CoilsBVC Nic Salt Coils



Aspire logo

Aspire Spryte Pod System

POD systems are currently very popular, so Aspire comes with another great AIO e-cigarette called Aspire Spryte. Aspire Spryte has an all-new design, it is slim, stylish, and it comes in 5 stylish colours: olive green, grey, black, blue and purple. POD Spryte is very easy to use, and it has easily replaceable coils system. The AIO Spryte device can be used with two well known BVC coils. The first with resistance 1.8ohm, which is a regular heating head for most e-liquids on the market, or the second one with the resistance 1.2ohm for use with nicotine salts e-liquids. Both coils provide quick heating and optimal vapour production.

Aspire Spryte has an easy to fill a 2ml tank for your e-liquid where you will also find the airflow. The Aspire Spryte fits comfortably in hand, and it is very easy to use thanks to the one-button operation. It is a perfect vaping device for a mouth to lung vapers (MTL) or all people new to e-cigarettes.

Aspire uses for its Spryte Pod system an integrated 650mAh battery, and it is ideal for medium vapers. The pod system can be quickly charged via the micro USB port and offering a practical function of vaping during charging. The remaining battery capacity is shown with LED light under the button.


Aspire Spryte Colours

Aspire Spryte ecig colours



Spryte Dimensions & Design

Aspire Spryte ecigarette size and designAspire Spryte has a sleek, minimalist design with rounded shapes and is very comfortable to hold in hand and also fits well in a pocket. Spryte also features a protective top cap.


Spryte in details

POD system Aspire Spryte in details


Aspire BVC Coils   

Aspire BVC Coils for ecig Spryte

The Spryte comes supplied with two coils, one for regular e-liquid and one for use with nicotine salts, though it works equally well with normal e-liquids. Both coils are perfect for a mouth to lung vapers (MTL).


BVC Coil Installation


Simply remove the pod and turn it upside down, remove the airflow component and screw in your chosen coil. Replace the airflow component with attached coil and reinsert into the pod. Push the pod back into the Spryte until it clicks.
Note: When inserting a new coil and filling the pod, always let the device stand for 5 minutes to allow the coil to become saturated. It will help avoid dry hits and damage to the coil.



Refilling your e-cigarette could be a bit tricky but not with the pod system Aspire Spryte. Remove the pod from the battery, push down the tip of your filling e-liquid bottle on the bottom and fill the tank with your e-liquid. Insert the pod back into the power unit and push down firmly until it clicks into place. Refilling the pod is super easy.


1x Aspire Spryte kit
1x heating head BVC classic 1,8Ω
1x heating head BVC Nic Salt 1.2Ω
2x sealing O-ring
1x silicone sealing
1x micro USB cable
1x User Manual

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