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Nasty Juice Cush Man 60ml Vape Juice

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Nasty Juice

Cush Man vape juice is simple yet elegant and authentic mango flavoured e-liquid. Each draw you take is like biting into a ripe and juicy mango. And to enhance your vaping experience, a low dose of mint is added as a bonus. Cush Man by Nasty Juice is loved by many for its flavour. Now it is your turn to find out why.

Manufacturer Nasty Juice
Flavour Mango, Low Mint
VG/PG Ratio 70/30
Nicotine strength 0 mg
Bottle size 60ml (50ml of e-liquid)

ⓘ Just add nicotine booster to get your desired strength.

Nicotine booster included with each bottle

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In stock

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Nasty Juice Cush Man Fruity Series 60ml Vape

Nasty Juice Cush Man is simple yet elegant and authentic vape juice with mango flavour and a hint of low mint. Each draw you take is like biting into a ripe and juicy mango. Cush Man vape juice is loved by many for its flavour. Now it is your turn to find out why. Cush Man Yummy Fruity Series 60ml edition from Nasty Juice comes in a 60ml bottle with zero nicotine. Although there is no nicotine present, you have space in the bottle to add a nicotine shot. Moreover, you will get one 10ml nicotine shot with each bottle! Is Cush Man e-liquid great for sub-ohm vaping? Absolutely! Cush Man has 70%VG and 30% PG, which is perfect for sub-ohm tanks, offering smooth vape and massive clouds, not to mention great taste.

Cush Man E-juice Bottle Nasty Juice


Nasty Juice is a 21st-century obnoxious e-juice brand based in Tampin, Malaysia, with passion at its heart. They are offering an empowered sense of X-rated and a playfully daring spirit. Nasty Juice exploded onto the vape scene in September 2015 founded by Pak Din and his best partner Mr Loky. Their venture starts at the Vapex International Malaysia 2015 intending to create a global business. Of course, the popularity of Nasty Juice continued to grow exponentially in UAE, USA, Birmingham, Poland, and Paris. With this in mind, Nasty Juice was further defined by a unique aluminium bottle with exquisite advertisement and top-notch packaging. The vaping industry is very young, and it’s growing fast, which is why at Nasty Juice are always up to date with the current trend and designs. Nasty Juice has produced e-juice that gain popularity amongst beginners to experts.


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How to use Cushman Mango e-liquid with 0mg nicotine strength?
Open Nasty Juice bottle
Press the cap down &
unscrew completely.
Pour nicotine booster
to the level of your
preferred strength.
Shake for 1 minute
Wait for 5 minutes before using.
For the best results wait
24 hours before use.
Enjoy the experience!

Vape Juice Nicotine Shot and mixing quide

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Nasty Juice


Mango, Mint/Menthol/Ice

Bottle size


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