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Sweet Tobacco – LIQUA Mix&Go

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Sweet Tobacco is a flavour that is sure to please. Sweet tobacco combines the classic taste of traditional tobacco with warm caramel notes to create an enjoyable vaping experience.

Sweet Tobacco Liqua is also available in a 10ml liquid bottle, with 50/50 PG/VG ratio, suitable for starter kits.

Manufacturer Ritchy
Flavour Tobacco, Caramel
VG/PG Ratio 75/25
Nicotine strength 0 mg
Bottle size 70ml (50ml of e-liquid)

ⓘ Just add nicotine booster to get your desired strength.

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Liqua Mix&Go

Ritchy is back with a new shortfill Sweet Tobacco from the series Liqua MIX&GO! What is it all about? Basically, you no longer need to know how much flavour or base you have to use. They mixed it for you in a precisely measured amount with zero mg/ml nicotine. All you need to do is pour in the nicotine booster, shake it well and there you have your perfect e-juice. What is the difference between shortfill and regular e-liquid? It’s smart and convenient! Mix&Go allows you to invest less to gain more vaping pleasure on the go. Make your vape experience more personal and spend less to get more than before. All e-liquids are manufactured in a strictly controlled laboratory with the best ingredients and, of course, comply with all standards and international certifications.

Sweet Tobacco 60ml e-liquid

Sweet Tobacco combines the classic taste of traditional tobacco with warm caramel notes to create an enjoyable vaping experience. In other words, Sweet Tobacco by Liqua is a flavour that is sure to please every tobacco lover. This shortfill contains 75% VG and 25% PG with no nicotine, making it most suitable for cloud chasing and direct lung vaping (DL). E-liquid Mix&Go comes in a practical 70ml bottle leaving enough space for nicotine shots which allows you to create a liquid with an optimal nicotine strength.

Sweet Tobacco Liqua Liquid Ireland


How to use Sweet Tobacco nicotine-free e-liquid by Liqua?
STEP 1 – Open the bottle
Press the cap down &
unscrew completely. Place
the cap on the spout &
remove under 45° angle.


STEP 2 –  Add the booster
Range of desired strength is
marked on the bottle.
Pour nicotine booster to the level
of your preferred strength.


STEP 3 –  Shake for 1 minute
Wait for 5 minutes before using.
For the best results wait
24 hours before use.
Enjoy the experience!



VG/PG Ratio


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