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Ice Fruit – LIQUA Mix&Go e-liquid

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Ice Fruit e-liquid is full of rich berry flavours, such as strawberries and blueberries, with a strong minty undertone. It’s a pleasing blend of fresh and minty tones to help you power through your day. Another amazing e-juice from LIQUA for your all-day vape.

Manufacturer Ritchy
Flavour Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberries, Mint, Cooling
VG/PG Ratio 75/25
Nicotine strength 0 mg
Bottle size 70ml (50ml of e-liquid)

ⓘ Just add nicotine booster to get your desired strength.

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Liqua Mix&Go

Ritchy is back with a new shortfills called Liqua MIX&GO! What is it all about? Basically, you no longer need to know how much flavour or base you have to use. They mixed it for you in a precisely measured amount with zero mg/ml nicotine. All you need to do is pour in the nicotine booster, shake it well and there you have your perfect e-juice. What is the difference between shortfill and regular e-liquid? It’s smart and convenient! Mix&Go allows you to invest less to gain more vaping pleasure on the go. Make your vape experience more personal and spend less to get more than before. All e-liquids are manufactured in a strictly controlled laboratory with the best ingredients and, of course, comply with all standards and international certifications.

Ice Fruit 60ml e-liquid

Ice Fruit is described as a rich berry flavour with a strong minty undertone. It’s a pleasing blend of fresh and minty to help you power through your day. Another tasty and frosty e-juice from LIQUA.

e-liquid Liqua Ice Fruit Mix&go shortfill with fruits


How to use Ice Fruit nicotine-free e-liquid by Liqua?
STEP 1 – Open the bottle
Press the cap down &
unscrew completely. Place
the cap on the spout &
remove under 45° angle.


STEP 2 –  Add the booster
Range of desired strength is
marked on the bottle.
Pour nicotine booster to the level
of your preferred strength.


STEP 3 –  Shake for 1 minute
Wait for 5 minutes before using.
For the best results wait
24 hours before use.
Enjoy the experience!



VG/PG Ratio