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Innokin EZ Watt kit + Prism T20s


Innokin EZ WATT kit is a small and beautiful e-cigarette made by Innokin, and it’s really perfect for everybody who needs a sensible battery, a comfortable power setting, and compact size.

Manufacturer Innokin
Dimensions 118 x 22 x 32 mm
Battery 1500mAh, Built-in
Output Wattage 13W-35W
Tank 2ml, Prism S Atomizer
Coils Innokin Prism S heating heads



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Innokin EZ WATT kit with Prism T20S tank

EZ WATT kit is small and beautiful to hold e-cigarette made by Innokin. Ideal for all mouth to lung (MTL) lovers and for beginners. However, with the convenience which EZ WATT is used, it’s really perfect for everybody. A sensible battery with practical power settings and, above all, an ideal vaping experience for everyone who needs the specific tight draw almost like real cigarettes.

Innokin EZ Watt e-cigarette in black colour

The round shape of the EZ WATT battery fit superbly in hand, and because of the 1500mAh capacity, you may not need to put it down very often. The higher resistances of Innokin T20S Prism S coils that fit the Prism T20S tank, won’t drain the battery so quickly. Unlike regular batteries, you’re not dependent on the direct output voltage. In fact, you can set the power yourself using the handy button. 2 modes are available – Low and High – and also 3 levels of power settings.

Innokin EZ Watt ecig kit with Prism S tank

Dimensions and Specifications

The compact size of the Innokin EZ WATT kit is an ideal fit for your hand and of course, it’s pleasant to carry without any problem as it can be easily put in your pocket or bag.

Innokin EZ Watt starter kit with Prism T20S tank

Dimensions: 134mm x 32mm x 24mm
Variable wattage: 13-14W / 16-18W / 30-35W
Output voltage: max. 7.5V
Modes: Low / High
Supported resistance: min. 0.2Ω
Battery: 1500mAh
Output current: max 13.5A
Charging: micro USB port (5V / 1A)
Thread: 510
Tank diameter: 20mm
Volume: 2ml
Drip tip: 510

Manual to Innokin EZ Watt kit with Prism S tank

Battery and charging

Innokin EZ Watt charging port

The integrated 1500mAh battery lasts longer with higher resistance coils. However, it’s also powerful enough to handle lower resistances to achieve the right vaping experience. The battery can change power in 2 modes. The micro USB port is used for quick charging.



Prism T20s atomizer tank in black

The necessity of each trendy tank is also featured in the Prism T20S. The practical top filling system can create an easier way to use it every day.
Innokin Prism t20s spare coil in detail

Heating heads

You will notice two heating coils with two different resistances in the kit. Whereas a higher resistance of 1.5ohm offers a tighter draw and less vapour, an 0.8ohm resistance coil produces a lot of vapour and provides looser draw. Their replacement in the Prism tank is exceptionally straightforward. Just unscrew the bottom and quickly pull out the coil head.
How to change coil in Innokin Prism T20S tank
1x EZ.WATT Mod
1x Prism T20S Tank
1x heating head 0.8Ω (16W-18W)
1x heating head 1.5Ω (13W-14W)
1x spare drip tip
1 micro USB cable
*contents may change

E-cigarette Innokin EZ Watt vape device



Vaping Style

Mouth to Lung (MTL)