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Wotofo Ceramic Tweezer

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High-quality ceramic tweezers by WOTOFO. Wotofo vape ceramic tweezer is heat resistant up to 1300°C and non-conductive too. The ceramic tips get screwed to the stainless-steel body with two Philips screws on each hand. This tweezer head is corrosion-resistant, antistatic, and non-magnetic. It allows the vapers to tune their coils properly on the atomizers.


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Vape Ceramic Tweezer Wotofo

Wotofo creates every product by keeping the common issues of vapers in mind. Wotofo ceramic tweezers are not something different. Coil building is the trickiest part of vaping. For a perfect vaping experience, eliminating the hotspots is important.

With traditional tweezers, it is difficult to tune the coils and press tightly while fitted to the dripper or sub-tank base. In the case of traditional tweezers, a short-circuit occurs when the fire button gets pressed. Thus, vapers need to heat and squeeze the coil repeatedly to overcome these issues.

Tweezer cermaic by wotofo

While using the ceramic head tweezer, there is nothing to worry about. The non-conductive tweezer heads allow you to compress the coils while these are fitted to the atomizer. This is one of the best vape coil building tools and has a 1300°C resistance. The Ceramic tweezers offer incredible electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

Vape ceramic tweezer allows packing and squeezing the coils together while the fire button remains active. Thus, it makes for the perfect rebuildable set-up. Compound materials harden the tip, enhance the heat and corrosion resistance. It improves the insulation and non-magnetic properties of the tweezer. It is one of the best ceramic tweezers available in the market.

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