Nicotine salts

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Salt nicotine e-liquids and what it is exactly? If you were looking around for some new e-liquid, you are probably aware of the term salt nicotine. I am going to explain what it is in this post.



Salt nicotine has been around for a while now, and it started getting popular a few months back. Salt nicotine is a new way of nicotine that is much more effective in delivering nicotine into your body. You can have a much higher strength of nicotine, and it will not be as strong as regular nicotine in e-liquids. Salt nicotine is naturally formed in leaves tobacco, and it’s much more stable than its standard base nicotine. It took quite a few years to perfect salt nicotine for vaping.

Now you probably wondering what the big difference between regular nicotine and salt nicotine is? Well, for instance, if you are actually vaping 45mg of solved nicotine, which sounds as a ridiculous amount of nicotine, but only for its freebased viewpoint. Salt nicotine has actually a secret ingredient that makes a tolerable at a higher nicotine strength, and that secret ingredient is called Benzoic acid. Benzoic acid actually serves multiple purposes. First of, which being is helping salt nicotine, is vaporizing in a much lower temperature to provide a much smoother throat hits and also creates a chemical reaction that allows it to be a little bit more absorbable compared to regular nicotine. Mainly, you are able to have much higher strengths of nicotine to get that same cigarette rush of nicotine. For example, the 45mg/ml is similar to 18mg/ml, in terms of a throat hit, but it feels much smoother.

It all sounds good but is really only the best for low wattage devices (starter kits) because you are getting much more nicotine. In other words, you might not know when to stop vaping. This could be an issue because if you vape too much, you will get yourself a nicotine headache. Nicotine salt e-liquids are incredibly smooth, and the best thing about it is, that you will use less e-liquid because you only need to take few vapes and you will feel satisfied.

Hopefully, by now you should know more about the difference of salt nicotine e-liquids and standard e-liquids.

What’s your view on salt nicotine? Do you want to try it out or have you tried it already? Let us know.




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