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In a world where we continuously see ‘e-‘ slapped onto the prefix of anything, understanding terms is tough. For example, many people see the term ‘e-cigarette’ and wonder what they would actually be ‘smoking’. Are you smoking data? Are you smoking and enjoying a rich cloud of Wi-Fi? What’s going on here, exactly?



Fear not, the electronic cigarette is nothing like what other ‘e-‘ systems are. They are a form of electronic cigarette that offers a chance for a more flavoursome, enjoyable smoke. It’s an alternative to yellow teeth, stinky clothes and dirty fingernails. It’s the alternative to the classic smoking product of tobacco in a paper skin.



E-cigarettes are basically a battery-powered objects that are useful for the act of vaporizing (nicotine) liquid, thus giving rise to the feel of smoking a real cigarette. Using this kind of e-cigarettes can lend your mind a light buzz that is similar to that of when you smoke a real cigarette. However, in this case, you must know, this buzz comes from the vapor given out by the e-cigarette is lined with and not the smoke like in the case of an actual cigarette.


How Does an e-Cigarette Work?


Drip Tip –  A drip tip is where you take an inhale of the vapour from.
Tank The tank is where your e-liquid (the tobacco sub) will go, alongside the heating element.
Coil The coil is what is used to heat up the device to the temperature needed to smoke with.
Buttons – For temperature, strength and on/off, these buttons control the use of your e-cig.
Display – Usually displays stuff like vapour settings, battery life and temperature.
Battery The battery is usually stored inside to heat the coil, usually shown in Watts or Volts.


Typically, e-cigarette comes with the following features:

Of course, not all e-cigarettes are made to be one and the same. Some look very much like a normal cigarette, with a small battery and a limited level of usage and strength. You also get some that are more like a fountain pen; affordable, re-chargeable and re-fillable.

Then, you can try out the tank systems; those large fittings you see people using that look more like a walkie-talkie than a smoking utensil!

Keeping this in mind, it should be a little easier to get that e-cigarette is merely a catch-all term. While you might be used to the difference in strength and packaging with normal cigarettes, the different forms of e-cigarette are far more diverse.

Most like to go for the big tank systems; they offer the best customization and the right level of control.




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