Aspire K3 Battery Replacement


Aspire K3 brings you an open-source replacement battery for its e-cigarette Aspire K3 Starter Kit with a capacity of 1200 mAh. The K3 battery can also be used for a 3rd party tanks with a compatible 510 thread. Available in black and pink colour.

Manufacturer Aspire
Thread Standard 510
Charging Micro USB
Battery capacity 1200 mAh
Dimensions 84 mm x 18 mm

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Aspire K3 brings you an open source tank and battery system that is reusable and rechargeable. So you’re never limited when it comes to your favourite accessories! K3 battery is available in black and pink colour with capacity 1200 mAh.


Aspire K3 Battery Dimensions


510 Thread and USB Charging

ⓘ Discontinue use immediately if the battery is damaged.
ⓘ Never completely discharge Li-ion battery.
ⓘ Always use good quality and original charger.



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