Forest Fruit Mix – Flavour Art DIY Concentrate

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Flavour Art

The best of the forest fruits bring you a sweet and fruity flavour. Bilberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, and touch of blackberry. Ripe and very juicy e-liquid concentrate.

Manufacturer: Flavour Art (Italy)
Recommended dosage: 2-5%
Flavour: Forest Fruit Mix – Bilberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberry
Recommended steeping time:10-15 days
Nicotine strength: 0 mg
Bottle size: 10ml

ⓘ Remember this is not a finished e-liquid, it is a highly-concentrated flavour. You will need to add a base and/or nicotine shot.

Flavour Art is one of the oldest players in the vape industry. Flavour Art offers a range of e-liquid flavors for e-cigarettes from 2009. From simple flavourings such as apples and strawberries to more complex apple pie and cheesecake to a rich selection of tobacco specialties or unique flavours like oregano and torrone. Flavour Art always has something special for everyone. A team of experts ensures that each flavour is brought to perfection together with strict European production standards, and Flavour Art meets all the necessary certifications. They aim to deliver the most enjoyable sensation possible for your electronic cigarette.


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