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Innokin Zenith/Zlide PLEXUS-Plex3D Mesh Coils


Innokin Zenith Plexus and Plex3D replacement coils designed for Zenith and Zlide vape tanks. These Zenith coils are suitable for MTL style of vaping, and both of them have a unique mesh design. They offer quicker ramp-up time and faster cooling time, superb flavour and exceptional lifetime.

Manufacturer Innokin
Resistance Plexus 0.5Ω (14-19W)
Plex3D 0.48Ω (13-16W)
Alternative Innokin Zenith Coils
Compatibility Innokin Zenith, Innokin Zlide

ⓘ Drip a few drops of your e-liquid directly on the cotton inside the new heating head and let it soak. This will ensure your coil does not burn out.

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PLEXUS and Plex3D Coils for Zenith and Zlide Tanks

Plexus and Plex3D mesh replacement coil heads fit tanks Zenith and Zlide made by Innokin. First is the new 0.5-ohm PLEXUS coil, which is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping with a unique mesh design. PLEXUS coil is composed of a flat strip with a honeycomb array of holes surrounding organic cotton. The second, 0.48-ohm Plex3D replacement coil, is also designed for mouth to lung style of vaping and made of 3D kanthal mesh material.

Innokin mesh coils offer innovative pattern design, which allows for a quicker ramp-up time and faster cooling time. Moreover, Plexus and Plex3D mesh coils offer a superb flavour and exceptional coil lifetime. Plexus and Plex3D replacement coils will help fast heat-up and cool-down, quicker wicking, the longevity of the coil, and of course, it will deliver superb flavours of your e-juice. Each Innokin box comes with a scratch sticker and a security code so you can check the authenticity of this product.Innokin Plexus and Plex3D mesh coils in boxes for Zenith and Zlide tanks


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0.48Ω Plex3D, 0.5Ω Plexus