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Caliburn G G2 Coils UWELL


Caliburn G mesh coils and Caliburn G2 by Uwell are replacement coils explicitly made for the new Uwell pod kit. Caliburn G 0.8Ω mesh coils offer incredible, long-lasting flavour, while 1.0Ω coils provide tighter draw.

Manufacturer UWELL
Resistance 0.8Ω UN2 Meshed-H
1.0Ω Kanthal
1.2Ω  UN2 Meshed-H
Box Contains 4x Caliburn G Coil (price per one coil)
Compatibility UWELL Caliburn G
Caliburn G Pods
Caliburn G2
Caliburn X Pod System

ⓘ Drip a few drops of your e-juice directly on the cotton inside the new Caliburn G coil and let it soak. This will ensure your coil does not burn out.


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Caliburn G coil by Uwell

Caliburn G and G2 Replacement Mesh Coils

Caliburn G coils by Uwell are replacement coils explicitly made for the new Caliburn X and  Uwell Caliburn G kit. 0.8Ω Caliburn G mesh coils are made using mesh wire, which means it provides a larger surface area and therefore, the more intense flavour and vapour, as well as restrictive direct lung draw. For a tighter MTL draw, you might like to use a 1.0Ω coil. The Caliburn G coils are perfect with e-liquids 50/50 VG/PG, so most of the 10ml bottles. However, you can also use these coils with thicker VG e-liquids.  Caliburn G coils offer longevity and incredible, long-lasting flavour!

Caliburn G Pod System in Red Colour

How long does Caliburn G coil last?

Same with the previous Caliburn pod system by Uwell, you will be pleasantly surprised at how durable Caliburn G coils are. The Caliburn G mesh coils last between 10 – 14 days. Of course, it all depends on the e-liquid you use and how often you vape. Caliburn has one of the longest life spans compared to other pod systems and their coils.


Caliburn G e-cigarette and spare parts in detail


Are Caliburn G coils compatible with all Caliburn Pods?

No, Caliburn G coils are only designed for use with the new Caliburn G pod kit. The original pod has replaceable pod coils, unlike the new Caliburn G, where you change coils only.

 How to Replace G Coils?

The Caliburn G mesh coils have a Push&Pull style on the bottom of the pod, and it goes in and out very smoothly. However, make sure that the coil is aligned correctly with the locating slot; otherwise, you will have an issue with leaking, and your Caliburn G pod won’t even fire.

Replacing coils in the new Caliburn G pod system

How to refill the pod?

Detach the drip tip to refill the pod. The filter hole has a silicon check valve to avoid e-liquid leakage and reduces the mess.

How to refill Caliburn G pod with an e-liquid

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0.8Ω Mesh, 1.0Ω Kanthal, 1.2Ω Mesh G2